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Comprehensive Behavioral Services offers a variety of services for children, adolescents and adults. The following are some of our available services and a synopsis of each.

Parent Training for Defiant Children

Defiant behavior may range from simply not performing as instructed or ignoring well-established rules to overtly hostile and confrontational behavior which includes temper outburst and even physical aggression.  The program is designed to train and assist parents in understanding and managing non-compliant behaviors in children ages 3-12.  It offers practical methods, techniques, and procedures for improving compliance and reducing conflict.

Skills Training & Enhancement Program

Enhancing skills for children's future success

Our goal is to assist children with developing effective emotional management and social skills.  The skills that are taught are:

  • frustration tolerance
  • creative problem solving
  • peacemaking & conflict resolution
  • emotional awareness & appropriate expression of feelings
  • impulse control

For more information on the services listed or additional services offered call our office at: 260.492.5500

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Our easy access location is in the Parkwood Office Plaza located at 2809 East Dupont Road.

Location - 2809 East Dupont Road

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2809 East Dupont Road
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